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The Aukan/Ndyuka communities live in the inland of Suriname. Their villages are mainly located along the Tapanahony, Cottica and Sarakreek rivers. A large part of the Aukan/Ndyuka community are still living in the inland of Suriname, but the people and culture extend much further than just there. Many Maroons live in Paramaribo, but there is also a full-fledged diaspora outside of Suriname. In French Guiana, the United States, France and the Netherlands there are Maroons who are and remain connected to the culture and traditions: their origin. In this section you can find a lot of information about the Aukan/Ndyuka culture: About the textiles where garments are discussed that express the identity of the Aukan/Ndyuka. The governmental culture with the Gaanmans over the centuries. The wood carving and painting where symbolism and messages are intertwined. Afaka the script developed by Mr. Afaka, which after this became accessible to a select number of tribesmen. Living, with houses, household goods and kitchen utensils. The stories that will be recognizable to every Aukan/Ndyuka and finally the celebrations that contain a lot of tradition.

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