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About Diitabiki

The Aukan village Diitabiki (Dutch: Drietabbetje) is located in the inland of Suriname, in the rainforest. The name literally means ‘three islands’: the village is situated on three islands in the Tapanahoni river. This is where the granman of the Aukan people (Ndyuka) has his seat. The village has about 300 inhabitants. The buildings of Diitabiki Museum Fositen Gudu are scattered throughout the village.


Diitabiki is accessible from the mainland of Suriname by plane or boat.

By plane

From Paramaribo, here the airlines Blue Wing Airlines, Gum Air and Caricom Airways provide direct flights to Diitabiki. The flight takes about 45 minutes.

By boat

From Albina, the border town between Suriname and French Guiana on the Marowijne River. Albina can be reached by car or bus. From there you travel by korjaal to Diitabiki. The trip takes a total of one day or one and a half days with an overnight stay.

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Diitabiki Museum Fositen Gudu

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Diitabiki Museum Fositen Gudu