Our mission

Papa Gadu dance, 1962


The Diitabiki Museum Fositen Gudu preserves, manages and presents the tangible and intangible heritage of the Aukan Maroons in Diitabiki and its surroundings. By doing so, we want to:


  • Keep our history and culture alive for future generations;
  • Make a broad public in Suriname and the Netherlands aware of the unique value and significance of the Aukan Maroon culture.

Support us and become our friend!

Volunteers from the village of Diitabiki are working to build and furnish the museum. They will also run the museum once it is open. Any financial contribution is therefore welcome. This will enable the museum to organize activities and maintain the buildings, for example. Do you want to contribute to the museum? Please send an email to: info@wookomakandie.com